sensitive_documentsHere at TipTop Media we’re awaiting the imminent arrival of a brand new shredding machine, 

which got us thinking about how many people actually use secure shredding as a means of disposing of sensitive documents? 

Just what is a ‘sensitive’ document and how can secure shredding help you, both personally and as a business?

The list of what constitutes a sensitive document is fairly exhaustive (we’ve found a full list here), but as a general guide think of it as any document that contains information you would feel uncomfortable about if an unauthorised person had access to. However, did you know that this could include everyday items such as ATM receipts, credit card receipts and even junk mail? So every time you casually throw a payment card receipt in the bin, you are potentially advertising your bank details to anyone who cares to look. You may think this is reasonably unlikely, but as identity theft increases, it is definitely an area to be aware of. From a business point of view, employers tend to be more clued in to sensitive documents such as contracts, financial reports and employment records but it is always worth double checking before throwing out in a non secure manner, as, for example, did you know that drafts of documents were classified sensitive?

So what exactly is ‘secure’ shredding and how can it benefit you and your business? Well, secure shredding is pretty much the one and only way to stop identity theft or fraud. Using a strip cut shredder to dispose of documents means it is well nigh impossible to reconstruct and steal data (although attempts have been made!) You could buy a small shredder to use at home or in the office, but when it’s time for a big clear out of any archives, then this is the time to out-source. Shredding may be fairly satisfying when you do a few pages at a time, but believe us when we say that passing an archive box full of documents through a domestic shredder is not fun! Out-sourcing your shredding to a reputable company means that you can rest assured that any sensitive documents you no longer require will be disposed of securely.

From a business compliant point of view, the Data Protection Act requires you to have a written contract with a reputable company capable of handling your confidential information (unless of course you decide to do it yourselves), and from a purely financial point of view, out-sourcing your company’s shredding makes complete sense. If you are in any doubt about this, compare the hourly cost of paying your least paid member of staff against the estimate from a shredding company like ours!

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