When people think of storage, 90% of the time they think of self-storage and who can blame them? In and around town you’re sure to see a few of them around and even more popping up as we move towards becoming a nation of keepers. But for the remaining 10%, those who require a bit more convenience than you get with a DIY approach, business storage is what comes to mind.  And that is as it should be, as it can prove to be more cost effective, efficient and productive than you might realise.

‘So what’s the big difference?’  I hear you ask?  Well for starters, with business storage you should find that your stress levels are considerably reduced, as you no longer have to find items you haven’t seen in months yourself, or pray throughout the process that what you’re looking for is actually there, or worse still, be summoned back to the office midway through your search, knowing full well you will have to return and begin again from scratch at some later date.  Business storage instead allows you to go back to the tools that you are used to, namely, telephone and email.  Knock out an email or make a quick call to order your items and leave the searching, logging and delivery to us. With the time you have saved yourself rummaging around, you can make yourself a chocolate cream frappuccino. And by the time you’ve finished your well-deserved treat, licked your lips and contemplated how much more effective and fruitful things will be in the future, the buzzer goes, and Hey Presto! It’s the arrival of your goods!

If that sounds like something that would work for you, business storage could turn out to be exactly what you need.  Once that decision’s made, the only way is up because, as many of our clients have already discovered, two heads are better than one and it may not cost you any more than what you’re paying now.

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