Storage forms an integral part of our business, we offer climate controlled, secure storage for paper and media items which is monitored by 24 hour CCTV. Unless you’ve properly researched where best to store paper documents and media archives, you could well consider paying a little extra for climate control and security a little over the top. Here are two reasons as to why this way of thinking would be wrong:

Reason 1 – Climate Controlled

We reckon this sounds pretty hi-tech, and more what you think of when you consider storing jewellery, antiques or priceless paintings. However, the documents that you send to a storage unit are usually important and the ones that you need to keep, such as business accounts, legal documents, client records and more. You wouldn’t think that putting these pieces of paper in a storage unit would necessarily affect them, but if the air inside the unit is not properly controlled then moisture can creep in and cause these documents to degrade. Even worse, moisture in the air can cause mould and mildew to develop which, even if the documents are largely unaffected, will be unpleasant and a health hazard for anyone to handle. When you add more sensitive items into the mix, such as media tapes, hard drives and any other electronic devices, the importance of choosing a climate controlled unit becomes clear.

Reason 2 – Security and CCTV

It can be tempting to think that your paper documents aren’t valuable to anyone but you and your business. Sadly, one downside of our ever more connected world is that identity theft is becoming more and more commonplace. We tend to think of identity theft as someone stealing our bank details, or using our passport and driving licence details to create forgeries, but a recent survey has revealed that over a quarter of businesses have experienced financial fraud (or an attempt) in the last two years. When you hear that this can take the place of invoice fraud and CEO impersonation, suddenly your archived business documents seem more valuable. One way to deal with redundent paper documents is have them securely shredded.

At TipTop we offer that little bit more than others as we understand that it’s the little things matter.

If you need any help with choosing your storage company please just give us a call. We’re London’s premier storage company and, once you’ve begun storing with us, we offer ongoing free collection. Just check our website for details.