A lot of our recent content has centred on the new GDPR legislation, offering up tips to help you achieve a compliant website, our insights on how it will affect our personal data, and the influence on a business’s future cybersecurity strategy. However, now that the GDPR is in place, we felt it was time to let new readers find out the key services we offer at TipTop Media, and remind our long term readers and customers of how else we can help them.

Business and Media Storage

We’ve lived in the capital all our lives, and are well aware of the premium placed on property and one of the services we offer is secure business storage at our dedicated site in North London. This could be storage of financial and other documents that a business is legally required to keep for a set number of years, media items such as Digibetas, film and LTO’s, or general business storage of larger items such as IT equipment, furniture or electrical equipment. Our storage facility provides 24 hour CCTV, a manned entry point, and for items such as documents and media, a climate controlled warehouse with a cataloguing system.


Perhaps you’re one of our long term storage customers, or you’ve had a clear out of your office, our recycling services will dispose of any unwanted documents or electrical equipment. We offer a fully secure document disposal system, securely destroying any sensitive data and providing you with a certificate of disposal when the process has been completed, ensuring legal compliance. Our media and hard drive recycling abide by data protection laws with the option of an onsite secure disposal bin for media and complete shredding of a hard drive following data erasure.

Digital Document Conversion

One of our newer services is that of digital document conversion. We collect your documents, prepare them for digitisation, process them through our system and return to their original boxes. We can then index the files in your preferred format before emailing them, storing them on a hard drive or uploading to the cloud. You can then share your documents as you wish, without people having to come to the same physical location plus if you no longer require the hard copies, we can dispose of via our secure recycling service.

To prove our commitment to information security, in April 2017, after months of hard work by our staff, TipTop Media was awarded ISO 27001:2013. ISO 27001 sets the international standard for information security and verifies for our clients that our standard working practices are of an internationally high standard. You can read more about why we decided to become ISO certified, and what it means for our clients, in this blog post.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a whistle-stop tour of our services. You can find out more information through browsing the tabs on our website or alternatively just drop us an email to bookings@tiptopmedia.co.uk to see how we can help.