It’s fair to say that here at TipTop Media, the BFI London Film Festival is one of our annual highlights. This year’s festival spanned 17 venues and 12 days with an incredible 248 films! If you missed it, or failed to get tickets for a film, we’ve checked a few out, diligently followed their live blog of events and now compiled our top five films from the festival, just for you!

The Falling (Carol Morley, UK)

Initially drawn to this film largely because it stars Maisie Williams, or Arya from Game of Thrones, (ssh don’t tell anyone), The Falling is set in a girls’ boarding school and follows the main protaganist as a mysterious illness sweeps the school and her life slowly unravels. Beautifully shot, The Falling perfectly depicts female teenage friendships and the almost feverish tone they can take on.

Moomins on the Riviera, Xavier Picard, Finland-France

If you got children and remember the Moomins from when you were younger, then Moomins on the Riviera is an absolute must. Holidaying in the Riviera, Snorkmaiden is wooed by a playboy and Moomin learns the hard way that jealousy hurts. Hand-drawn animation and the Moomins’ original charm combine to make an unmissable film.

Foxcatcher (Bennett Miller, US)

Perhaps the most hyped of all the films, Foxcatcher takes the current Hollywood trend for crowd pleasers and turns it on its head. Money, status and the resultant corruption in the world of wrestling combine to make an at times eerie and unsettling film. Steve Carrell, wows in a rarely seen non comedic performance.

Mr Turner (Mike Leigh, UK)

The winner of this year’s Cannes Best Actor Award, Timothy Spall plays the brilliant but eccentric British painter. Set in the last 25 years of Turner’s life, the film charts his professional and personal trials and tribulations; from an affair with his besotted housekeeper, to strapping himself to the bow of a ship, the intricate details and stunning cinematography result in a fitting tribute to the great painter.

The Tribe, (Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, Ukraine)

We have to confess we were initially unsure about watching a film entirely in sign language but when we heard the preview chat about this film and that it was up for a First Best Feature Award, we knew we had to get tickets! Set in a boarding school for young deaf people, no dialogue, or indeed subtitles, force you to interpret through gesture alone. Amazingly experimental but not for the faint hearted.

That’s our top five from the festival. What do you think? Did Foxcatcher live up to the critical hype? Are you still thinking about The Tribe or did you walk out halfway through? And does anyone else still find the Moomins a little bit freaky? We’d love to hear!