With less than 28 days until Christmas 2014 (where did the year go?!) we’re very much of the mindset ‘out with the old and in with the new’. As businesses wind down for the festive period, we find it’s the perfect time to think about anything in the office that needs to be re-organised or disposed of. If you’re trying to fit in space for an extra staff member, recently upgraded equipment or simply want a clear, we’ve highlighted the top three ways in which you can create more space in your office.


This is such a simple option and much easier than it sounds. You give large amounts of paper documents to a company (we’ve had a job of over 200 archive boxes); they use special software to scan all the documents, index them according to your references, save to a hard drive and then give it back to you. Aside from saving space, digitising also means that you’ll be able to find any document using a one word search. Take a look around your office. If you can see filing cabinets and archive boxes that you can’t quite bear the thought of delving into, then you definitely need to think about digitising. Check with your legal and accounting people what exactly needs to be kept, plan some time to go through the rest and then out-source your digitising.


Perhaps you’ve upgraded the office’s computer hardware recently and haven’t managed to arrange for disposal of the old items. Or you’ve moved your back up system from tapes to the Cloud and don’t know how to dispose of your old backup tapes (or other media) securely. We all know the benefits of recycling; it saves energy, reduces your impact on the environment and the good news is that all of the above mentioned office equipment can be recycled. When you chose your provider, check who they are partnered with; for example, we’re partnered with a fully licensed waste carrier registered with the Environment Agency to carry out recycling in accordance with WEEE directives . This means that all recycling undertaken by us is done to the highest UK environmental standards and any electricity generated from the procedure is used to power the recycling plant, as well as being fed to the national grid.


Remember those documents that we talked about earlier? The ones that you are legally required to keep for a set number of years? They can still take up quite a bit of room in your office, particularly in a city where office space is at a premium. Off-site storage no longer has to be the unheated lock up under railway arches. Choose the right storage facility and your documents, (and any media that you might like to be stored) can be kept in a secure, temperature and humidity controlled environment and filed according to your own filing system. This means that you can clear more space in your office but still keep important documents secure and in pristine condition.

We hope this post has helped you think about how to make more space in your office. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to email colin@tiptopmedia.co.uk