Our blog post for this month was scheduled to be a look at UK Business in the post Brexit world,but with a new flextension agreed, and a General Election in six weeks time, that post will have to wait. So with that in mind we thought we’d take a fresh look at how you can optimise your business through the latest tech innovations available for the workplace.

Cloud Computing

We have mentioned this in previous blogs but as a way to streamline business processes and allow you and your clients to access crucial information and in real time, there is no competition.With Cloud Computing you create a centralised database and store on a remote server, which you can then access through any internet enabled device. Despite it being an obvious contender, many businesses have yet to adopt but it is definitely worth investigating.

Wireless Conference Rooms

Despite the ongoing automation and digitisation of many industries, the importance of meeting face to face cannot be underestimated. Yet thanks to advances in technology, this no longer means wasted time and expenses travelling to meetings. There is a wide range of wireless conferencing options available, allowing you to not just connect offices, teams and clients but to seamlessly stream presentations and videos across your wireless conference rooms.

Augmented Reality (AR)

For those of us old enough to remember Tomorrow’s World, AR in the workplace sounds like an episode we all would have marvelled at. The truth is, that while AR is generally thought of as a key feature for gamers, it can also be an effective tool in workplace presentations, thanks to the launch of Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses. Once this headset becomes available, businesses will be able to show their designs and work remotely to develop their designs.

We hope you enjoyed our take on the new tech that could enhance your business. As ever, making sure that you have the cyber security in place is crucial. If you have time for a browse, you can check out our previous posts on this very topic!  

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