August has finally arrived and with it the inevitable business lull as both clients and suppliers take time off. Even the busiest of small businesses can find themselves with a bit of extra time on their hands at this time of year, so we thought we’d take a look at how best to utilise it. And if you’re the owner of an SME, we’ve got some great tips on getting your business sorted so you can switch off.

First of all, fewer people in the office means more space and time to sort through any records or data that need to be archived or destroyed. With less than an year until the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, now is a good time to start looking at any personal data you store and make the decision whether it’s data that should be destroyed, anonymised or kept. With a dramatic rise in fines for non compliance once the regulation is in place, developing a plan and ensuring your business follows it is crucial. If you think that your business is already GDPR compliant, taking the time to double check and make any little tweaks that may be needed could save you both time and money.

The government may have announced the delayed implementation of their Making Tax Digital scheme but there is no denying that we live in an increasingly digitised world. Digital Transformation for businesses is a topic that is much discussed, and one part of that is making sure that all paper records are scanned and filed digitally. Not only will this free up space within your office, but more importantly, provided that your files are systematically archived, you will be able to access any document with a few clicks or swipes. This could prove invaluable when it comes to supplying HMRC or professional bodies with required information. You can find out more about the services we offer here, along with a list of benefits and how our archiving system works.

For those of us who own and oversee the running of a business, trying to take time off can often seem more effort than it’s worth. While we’ll agree that there are times when it’s essential to check in with the daily running of your business, in a quiet period, and with some considered pre-planning, it should be possible to leave your laptop at home. Try to finish off or pause any major projects and make sure that all payments have been authorised and the business has enough ready cash. Put a named contact on your out of office and brief that person on any specific enquiries that may require your attention. Tell your office to leave any urgent message with the hotel’s reception rather than sending you an email; this may sound old fashioned but you could find it redefines the word ‘urgent’. Technology has been great for businesses and on a personal level, but digital detoxing can be just as important.

Utilising a traditionally quiet month to plan for major changes or simply take time out to recharge can help set you and your business up for the next twelve months. Along with document digitisation, we also offer secure disposal of paper documents and hard drives, along with 24 hour monitored storage for any files ready to be archived. If you need help with any of these, just drop us a line.

Have a great summer!