With business websites and newsletters constantly discussing topics such as digital transformation, what is the IoT (Internet of Things) and the digital filing of tax returns which is now mandatory for VAT registered businesses, it is time for all businesses to focus on digitising their services and if so, how can you successfully merge the old with the new?

First of all, think about the first thing you do if you want to find out about a business or service. Chances are that like 74% of your fellow consumers, you enter a few keywords into Google and perform a search which will display the corresponding result but according to 89% of these consumers, if it’s not on Google, then it doesn’t exist. So failure to have an up-to-date website or social media presence could lose your business new custom and these days, with the ready availability of free to use website generators, there is very little excuse for not having a web presence. Monitored properly, your online presence will also provide you with valuable demographic information for your business such as age, sex, education level, income level, marital status, occupation etc. allowing you to effectively tweak output to generate more custom.

For the majority of businesses, the days are long gone when communication was done through fax or printed out and posted into pigeon holes for collection, but despite the now ubiquitous use of email, many forward thinking businesses are turning to instant messaging for employees to communicate in a less formal and more instantaneous manner. Programs such as Slack Google+ Hangouts and more are often easy to set up and user friendly, with essential functions such as video calling and file transfer all for a small cost or even free.

We’ve talked before about paperless offices, and how choosing to go paperless can help your business become more cost effective, better organised and more environmentally friendly, (you can find our posts here and here) yet the initial work required can be off-putting. At TipTop Media we offer a comprehensive digital document conversion service, where we prepare your documents, digitise and then index according to your specified system before returning the files to you, either via email, in a hard drive or via the Cloud. Our storage and recycling services mean that we can take care of your hard documents after their conversion, whether this is to store in our climate controlled facility, or to dispose of via our secure, closed loop recycling service.

As technology continues to evolve, the influence of the internet and digital media on the consumer will become ever more important. Making sure that your business takes advantage of the digital opportunities available should help to future proof it for the inevitable changes to come. If you’d like to discuss how TipTop Media can help you with document conversion, storage or recycling, please just get in touch via bookings@tiptopmedia.co.uk