As the UK emerges slowly from its lockdown, what we can be certain we have all learnt from the past four month is that nothing is currently certain. With localised flare ups of coronavirus threatening regional lockdowns, millions of workers on furlough and the remainder working from home, even the immediate future looks very far from certain.

However, we do know that from 4th July, those of us in England will be able to go back to work, but with talk of a ‘second wave’, could using this summer period to prepare your documents and scan them help you and your employees work more smoothly from home?

We appreciate that this move might not be at the top of everyone’s To Do list currently, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Select your most important documents, those that are regularly accessed and any confidential information; find a reputable company who offer document scanning services and will index them; then upload to a secure server on the Cloud.

At TipTop Media we use an easy, five point system to do this for our clients:

1. You let us know which files to digitise and we collect

2. We’ll prep the files for you, which includes those pesky jobs such as removing staples and paper clips

3. Our Enhanced Kodak Scanner will be used to digitise your documents and we’ll return the documents into their original boxes

4. Your digitised documents will then be indexed according to your instructions

5. Digital documents will be uploaded to the Cloud, emailed or saved to disk while your paper documents will be returned to your offices (or you can choose to store with us).

Many people originally choose to scan documents to help save space in their office. While it’s true that office space is yet again at a premium with the new social distancing regulations, scanning and using a digital form of the document enables efficient home working, and indexes and control can be added to both easily retrieve and protect documents.

Not only that, but scanned documents are now also accepted by various Government bodies such as HMRC, Courts and local authorities, provided they have been processed by a reputable company. And with our ISO 27001:2013 very firmly under our belt, we are pleased to say we fit that bill.

If you are interested in our document scanning services get in touch via or give us a ring on 020 3234 0090.

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