We’re proud to be celebrating a full year of monthly blog post and to mark the occasion, we thought we take a look back at some of our favourites. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@TipTopMedia) or subscribe to make sure you hear about our most recent post. 

The Paperless Office

This post was inspired by the delivery of a shiny new Kodak Pro to our offices. In it, we look at the advantages of digitising your documents and how outsourcing your scanning can help clear office space, improve document referencing and keep everything secure. 

How Green is Your Office?

It’s safe to say that every office has a recycling process in place and makes sure to recycle paper and ink cartridges, but did you know that there are many other, less obvious, ways to ensure that your office is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our favourite tip to being more environmentally friendly? Buying sugar cubes and putting in a bowl! 

TipTop Christmas Ideas

Now we know that what everyone wants to do over the Christmas break is to get organised for the year ahead! Our end of year post looked at how to make the most of fewer staff in the office and fewer clients with urgent work. Our top areas to focus on? Digital archiving, recycling and appropriate storage solutions. 

General Election 2015 – Televised Debates

We never thought that we would mentioning JFK on our blog, but when we read some background history on the televised leaders’ debate, we knew we had to share it with you. First brought into play in the US in 1960 between Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy, the first ever televised debate saw John F Kennedy win over a remarkable 70 million viewers. Televised debates took a while to come to our shores, but they are definitely here to stay and their impact on voters is undeniable. 

The Environmental Impact of Television

This was our most recent post at the end of June. Summarised perfectly in an infographic, the study by think tank albert+ reveals the true environmental cost of watching one hour of television. Concerning figures include the amount of paper used (120 boxes), 1800kWh of energy and an average of 18,000 plane miles. Something to think about next time you just switch the television on. 

So those were our top five blog posts from the last year and we haven’t even mentioned our reviews of industry events (CES and BVE 2015) or BFI occasions (London Film Festival and the BFI Player launch). We’d love to hear to your favourites and if you have any suggestions for future posts!