Part of our blog planning process involves looking at the topics that we wrote about last year, to see if they are still pertinent and likely to come up in the new calendar year, or were one off events unlikely to recur.

Reviewing our blogs inevitably means that we come across our favourites from the year gone by, so we thought we’d share our top 3 from 2019!

The impact of Brexit on our data

Like many businesses, our first post on Brexit was way back in 2016 but, given that when you read this the UK will have left the European Union, we thought this a perfect time to remind our readers of our October post.

In it, we look at the impact on our business and personal data when its freedom of movement is removed, and borders imposed. Yes, the wording is rhetorical, but the impact will be very real. Our post discusses the likely procedures and offers tips on compliance.

Staying Safe in the Digital World

With news that the Prime Minister is choosing to ignore warnings about Huawei and their designs on our personal data and the UK’s security, resharing a post on how to ensure you and your business’s data stays safe in our increasingly digital world seemed a sensible move. We look at the three main issues that lead to security breaches and offer tips on minimising risks. Read our Staying safe in a digital world post here.

How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Yes, we wrote this post about Christmas, but three out of the four topics we look at are applicable throughout the year. From how to choose more environmentally friendly wrapping paper that still inspires joy, to the importance of shopping locally and how to safely dispose of electrical goods, the only topic that doesn’t apply is which Christmas tree to choose. And if you are a super planner, this could help get your Christmas 2020 planning started! Read our post on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas here.

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