The future of the planet is in true jeopardy if society does not act now to reduce its collective carbon footprint. Experts predict that if CO2 emissions continue to go unchecked, the earth’s surface temperature could rise by 5 degrees Celsius by 2100. Such a significant increase in global temperature could result in severe weather conditions, rising sea levels, changing precipitation. With so much damage being done to the environment in these current times, it is down to everyone to play their part in reducing harmful emissions and preventing further damage to the environment. Carry on reading for some tips on how to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.


 Say no to landfill!

Some of the worst offenders of greenhouse gas emission are the numerous landfill sites. When rubbish is disposed of at landfill facilities, it simply remains there for posterity. As time goes on, the material starts to rot, emitting harmful gases like carbon dioxide and methane. These gases are primarily responsible for global warming and climate change.  If you are determined to boost your company’s eco-friendliness, it is time to say no to landfill. By avoiding sending your unwanted materials to landfill, you can significantly help to cut down the amount of waste that ends up at landfills and do your part in helping to reduce the toxic emissions that are released from these sites.  

Say yes to recycling!

Statistics show that the UK is still falling short when it comes to recycling. 
Substantially less than half of waste is actually being recycled in 2021, despite initiatives by the UK government to motivate people to recycle. This shortfall in recycling is true for both businesses and domestic households. 

Recycling offers two primary benefits to the environment and to society as a whole.
Firstly, it reduces the need for harmful mining and quarrying as new materials do not need to be excavated if old materials are being recycled and reused.

Secondly, it also helps to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. As a result, the air that we breathe and the world’s oceans stay fresher and cleaner so that the earth is preserved for future generations.


What can be recycled? 

There are many materials that are recyclable, even some you might not expect. For example, if you have old tapes or film that you might have been considering throwing away, it will interest you to know that we can recycle them in an eco-friendly way at TipTop Media. Recycling the film, rather than disposing of it in the rubbish means that you can #saynotolandfill.

Computer hard drives that are no longer used can also be recycled. E-waste already accounts for a remarkable percentage of the rubbish that ends up in landfill sites worldwide. By having your hard drive recycled in a way that does not harm the environment, you can rest easy that your business is not contributing to that percentage. What is more, you also receive the added benefit of knowing that your data has been securely destroyed. If you simply throw it away, anyone can gain access to it. 

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint through recycling will be exponentially more important in the coming months and years, especially as workers return to work following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.  To see how we can help your company reduce its carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly through recycling, please email us at TipTop Media or call us on 020 3234 0090.

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