We’ve posted a number of blogs on recycling over the years, topics such as looking at the impact of Brexit on UK recycling (part 1 and part 2), why sending items to landfill could compromise sensitive data and the environmental impact of television. However we realised that we had never taken a look at the items we recycle at TipTop Media and just why you should ensure you choose a reputable company to recycle these items. We focus on three main areas of recycling; confidential paper recycling, media (tape and film) recycling and hard drive recycling so we thought we’d take the time to look at the importance of properly recycling each one.

Confidential Paper Recycling

Does your business have a document destruction policy? If not, and with the deadline for GDPR implementation getting ever closer, now is a great time to put one together as a well thought out policy could help your business guard against any data being compromised. Look at what documents need to be kept, for how long and then file according to the required destruction date. Consider allocating access rights to specific people as limiting who accesses what will help maintain confidentiality. Once an item has reached its destruction date, find a reliable third party company to destroy these documents. A reputable company will professionally destroy and then recycle your documents, providing you with a certificate of destruction once the process has been completed.

Media Recycling (Tape and Film)

Technology has moved on a great deal since the inception of TipTop Media in 1991. With the advent of digital storage, and the many positives that this brings, many companies are choosing to digitise old tapes and films into a digital video format and then dispose of the older, bulkier items. The majority of business owners these days are conscious of their environmental impact, and add to this the fact that they also have a legal duty to protect the data stored, then sending to landfill should be immediately ruled out. At TipTop Media we can provide companies with an onsite, secure, disposal bin to collect your unwanted tapes and films, or you can bring them directly to us for recycling. We will securely recycle them according to our ISO 27001 processes and in accordance with WEEE regulations, which means that our clients can rest assured that their tapes and films have been securely disposed off with little to no environmental impact.

Hard Drive Recycling

Ever gone to the tip and driven past old computers waiting to be disposed of? There is a very good reason why you shouldn’t get rid of your old computers this way, namely that people are increasingly storing more and more sensitive data on their computers. You wouldn’t leave your passport or old bank card lying out in the open, and a computer is no different, whether it has been used on a business or personal level. Choose a third party company like ourselves to dispose of your hard drives and we will ensure the hard drive is completely erased before being shredded and we’ll also separate the plastic and metal before recycling back into the UK manufacturing industry. As a business, you can rest assured that your data protection obligations have been met.

You can find out more information about our recycling services here or alternatively drop us an email to bookings@tiptopmedia.co.uk We’re always happy to help!