We’re one month into a likely three-month lockdown, and with the January weather, it is fair to say that motivation is probably low. Whether you have staff currently in the office or are planning for their return, keeping them motivated is going to be key over the coming months. When a full return to the office comes about, working from home habits could spill over into the workplace and one of the areas this could affect is recycling. When the amount of business recycling directly impacts on their waste landfill tax, getting it right could help your business. So how do you ensure that staff switch seamlessly from their home recycling habits during lockdown to work when they return?

1.  Make sure you have the correct bins and collection services. You could start by completing a waste audit (there is a great guide here) which will help you identify what is thrown away and what could be recycled.

2.  Create reminders and notices to make it easy for your staff to get it right. Notes by the printer to say where old ink cartridges go; in the kitchen to remind people to rinse their empty packaging before recycling (and what to do with takeaway coffee cups!) and you could consult this list of common office items that can actually be recycled.

3.  Centralise bins! In practice this means removing everyone’s individual bins. How many times do people screw up unwanted paper and simply throw in their bin rather than walk to the recycling area? Mark bins up in a central area so people know where to recycle items. Plus, this has the added benefit of encouraging people to get up and moving from their desks.

4.  Draw up a checklist of what should be recycled and circulate among your staff. You could also consider displaying it in your recycling area. Make sure that your cleaners also have a copy.

5.  Finally, it’s an oldie but a goodie. Offer a monthly incentive to encourage recycling. This could be a voucher for the best recycler; Friday ‘drinks at your desk’ (with the appropriate recycling after, of course!) or a team quiz with a price at the end.

Recycling is going to become more and more important as we move out of this lockdown and getting it right can help both your business and your wider community as a whole. Plus, using our tips above could also help your team transition smoothly from their WFH personas to being back in the office.

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