Recycling has been making headlines recently, whether that’s to do with the amount of plastic in the ocean, China refusing to process any more recycling from the West, or the more recent news that China and other countries such as Vietnam are now going to be selective about the type of paper that they will recycle in the future. Many of us may think that recycling is a reasonably new phenomena, but it has in fact been around for centuries (we enjoyed reading about the surprising history of recycling here). Despite this, the dilemmas around both domestic and business recycling are constant; is black plastic recyclable (no), should I put the lids on jars (yes), what about computer hard drives (yes, through the proper channels).

We thought we’d take a look at a new area coming to the front of recycling dilemmas since China announced they would refuse any further plastic recycling: how can you ensure that your recycling and other waste won’t end up as landfill?

Outsourcing your waste management can be a great way to achieve this so whether you already outsource your waste management or are thinking about implementing this, we wanted to highlight what this can help you achieve as a business. 

The most obvious benefit to this is feel confident that your business is minimising its impact on our everfragile environment. With some waste management companies guaranteeing that they will attempt to recycle up to 95% of the waste they collect, their specialist plants will sort through your discarded documents, electrical goods and more, ensuring that they recycle or reuse where ever possible. Some companies, ourselves included, will issue you with a certificate documenting what we have done with your rubbish, allowing you and your business to feel assured that you are working to minimise your environmental impact.

We mentioned a couple of questions that pop up frequently when it comes to domestic recycling, and the issue of what can and can’t be recycled is just as applicable if not more when it comes to business recycling. For some businesses, it can be easier to sit and stare at ever mounting piles of used printer cartridges and computer hard drives than organise the council or a private company to come and collect them. However, if you choose the correct waste management company, all it can take is a short call and these awkward-to-recycle items are collected and dealt with appropriately. 

Perhaps you have considered hiring a waste management company in the past but have decided the costs would not be worth it. These days many companies will deliver boxes or crates to your office and charge by weight, which means that you will only pay for what you recycle, as opposed to paying a set price for the collection of large containers that may only be half full. Bringing a waste management company on board can also help to minimise time spent on this by employees, meaning that they will have more time to focus on what really matters; making sure that your business runs as productively as possible.

If you’d like to find out more on the recycling services that we offer in this area, please head over to our website or email us 

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