As we enter the month of August, and the traditional slowing down of businesses as employees take time out to re-charge, it can at times feel like a challenge to fill the time. We like to look at any downtime as an opportunity to recharge and get organised by sorting through what we have in our offices and what can be destroyed or added to our secure document storage facility. We have talked about the benefits of outsourcing your document storage to the cloud a number of times on both our social channels and our blog, but could your business also benefit from a physical storage space?

Physical storage is definitely not as ‘of the moment’ as cloud storage but it is still an important aspect for a small business, particularly if you value clear office space and properly indexed records (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want this?!) However, when budgets are tight, locating a properly fitted out storage company and paying the fees can feel like the last thing you need.

So why should your business use an offsite secure document storage facility?


For us, ensuring documents are stored securely is the most important aspect of an offsite data storage facility, particularly if you chose one such as ourselves with CCTV and controlled entry and exit points. When you store sensitive documents in your everyday office space, you run the risk of exposing them to detrimental conditionspotential access by unauthorised staff and removal or destruction through flooding, fires or burglaries. When you move your key documents to a properly secure and maintained storage facility, you immediately protect them from these factors and can plot this into your disaster recovery plan. That way, if the worst does happen, you know that your sensitive documents are secure.

Swift and easy document access

This may initially seem counter intuitive, how can storing documents offsite mean that they are easier and quicker to retrieve that having them onsite? To put it simply, outsourcing your documents means that you can filter through and choose what to keep, whether this is the most essential items or everything. Pass them onto your chosen storage company and if they are anything like us, they will have a system in place to file and index your documents, meaning it will take you just a click of a button to find what you need and ultimately improve staff efficiency and morale at work.


We all know, particularly those of us within the M25, that office space costs. A lot. So why should you take up office space with ungainly and unattractive filing cabinets and archive boxes? Moving these to an offsite storage facility could allow you to eliminate the extra expenditure of moving to a larger office space, and in turn employ that extra staff member.

We hope that you have found our tips useful. If you’d like more information on the storage facilities that we offer please drop us an email on or give us a ring  020 3234 0090

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