You’re a proud business owner who is doing very well and you have everything going for you. The only issue worrying you is the space in the storage room. With the growth of the company, your tapes, documentation and other items are taking up more space. You used to be able to find stuff within a few minutes but now it is taking much longer. A thought crosses your mind.

-what would happen in the event of a fire

You decide it’s time to explore different ways of storing your items to see what can be achieved.

What will your company gain from using offsite archives?

Safety of your vital data

Natural calamities come unexpectedly. Your key data can be lost or damaged in an instant. Information is the most important asset to a business. Moreover, keeping your data in a separate location preferably offsite limits your exposure to financial and reputational loss.

Better legal compliance

In relation to the industry or size of your business, you are required by law to store your data in a safe environment which ideally would mean in a different place to where it was created. The law also requires you to dispose of some data after a given duration of time. The duration differs according to the type of storage your data is in, whether electronic or financial records.

Climate control

Your data should be stored in the most ideal climate according to the type you possess i.e. electronic or paper. Degradation and warping will be significantly reduced as a result of keeping the temperature and humidity constant.

Easy secure access to your data

A reliable offsite storage company will organize your data in a particular order. This will make the retrieval process much much faster. The data is also protected from unauthorized access because only authorized personnel are allowed to get access to the data.

Reduction in cost of storage

The use of an offsite archive means you don’t have to construct an archive or employ someone to work in the archive on a permanent basis. All this has been done for you. Moreover, the storage provider comes to pick the data from your business thus reducing on transportation costs while at the same time allowing your staff to concentrate on their duties.

More space for you.

When you store your information offsite, you get extra space which would have been occupied by the data.

With TipTop Media you are sure of having your data safe, easy to access and stored in the best conditions.