For two weeks in September we looked back through the past two years of our blog posts and put together a #fromthearchives series; where we picked our favourite posts and re-published them again on our social media channels. Just in case you missed it, we thought we’d collate them all in one handy blog post, and if you’re not following us on social media, just search TipTop Media on Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Facebook and we’ll pop up.

Twitter is such a great forum for daily tweets so we decided to use it for our two blog series that we’ve published. We decided to start #fromthearchives with a bang, and published our five part series on Information Security for the first week. If you’d like to take a look at these, the titles and links are below:

What is Information Security?

Is Information Security Relevant for My Business?

Information Security – Protecting Physical Assets

Information Security – Protecting Electronic Assets

Information Security – The Human Factor

We followed this up with our two part series on the importance of why we should all do business locally (Part 1 and Part 2), then re-published two of our favourites, how environmentally friendly your office is followed by our post on more unusual reasons to recycle. We signed off ten days of #fromthearchives with our all time favourite, just why you should digitise your documents, preferably through us 🙂

Our Google+ and Facebook accounts saw one post each, with our Facebook account looking at the environmental impact of television (it will definitely make you think again next time you turn the television on!) while on Google+ we published our blog post on just what constitutes a sensitive document and when you should dispose of them correctly. We then used this post to link to our second Linkedin post on why confidential documents end up in landfill and how to avoid this. And our first Linkedin post? A very relevant topic in 2016 – keeping your business safe online.

We hope you enjoyed our #fromthearchives series as much as we did curating it. If there is anything we can help you with when it comes to business storage, scanning, secure shredding of your documents or the recycling of your media tapes , please just get in touch!