Happy New Year from us all at TipTop Media!

We’ve mentioned this topic before, in August 2014 we blogged on the Top 3 Reasons To Digitise, but with personal resolutions and business targets still fresh in our minds at the beginning of 2017, we felt it was worth a revisit.

A large part of our business provides secure storage for documents and media and as a company whose clients are largely based in London where space is at a premium, we felt that offering our clients the opportunity to digitise their documents would be beneficial. We all know that there are certain paper files that businesses are legally required to keep for a certain length of time (you can find a full list here), but the only way to ensure that all documents essential to your business are safe is to have a full copy of each and every document stored off site. On a practical level, this simply doesn’t work, the storage costs for business would be prohibitive, and storage companies themselves would be on an endless search for more space.

Offering scanning services to our clients allows peace of mind for both parties as:

  1. Our clients know that in the event of a fire or other disaster their essential business documents are safely stored and easily accessible, and we can rest assured that we can accommodate our clients’ needs.
  2. Scanning offers a cost effective way to store essential documents securely, while at the same time making sure that these documents are properly filed and easily accessible.

When you decide to digitise your documents through us, we offer a completely confidential service throughout the process. We use Kodac Capture Pro to scan; we chose this particular device for many reasons, the principal ones being optimal image quality, its indexing features and the ability to output to either a password protected or encrypted pdf for enhanced security. When the job is finished, and your documents are on your chosen media (hard drive, usb stick, cd or other), we can also store this for you in our climate controlled storage facility. We can scan all types of documents, from handwritten and simple text to complex colour promotional materials, and we always provide a time and cost estimate.

If you’re interested in keeping copies of essential documents off site, saving money on storage costs and opening up more space in your office, just get in touch using either bookings@tiptopmedia.co.uk or call 020 3234 0090.

We’ll be happy to help!