We all know that February 29th comes every four years, and we’re fairly sure that you know the tradition of ladies proposing marriage on this day. But did you know that if a gentlemen refuses, he has to buy the lady in question 12 pairs of gloves to save her the embarrassment of having a naked ring finger? Or that the Emperor Augustus introduced the Leap Year as a direct result of his jealousy of Julius Caesar over 2,000 years ago? There are many more interesting facts and figures over at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/12167169/Leap-Year-2016-What-does-it-mean-and-why-does-February-have-29-days.html, but in the meantime we’ve been thinking about what we’ll do with this extra day in our business calendar.

Review and Revise

Coming into Spring is a great time to look back over your business plan and accounts to check that everything is up to date and your business is at the point it should be at. If not, in doing this you can make the necessary adjustments and be confident that your business is back on track.

We’ve all seen the memo ‘I survived another meeting that should have been an email’, but there is truth behind the joke. Investigating which meetings are essential, and which decisions could be made via email will help free up much needed work time for your employees, and make sure they can concentrate on making 2016 the best year yet for your business.

Get Archiving

We’re all guilty of keeping our paper archives stuffed in filing cabinets that clutter up office space. One solution could be to store the documents off-site with us https://www.tiptopmedia.co.uk/business-storage#document. But do you really need these documents or could they be disposed of? Or even better, could they be sent off to a company to be digitally archived and referenced, allowing you to potentially access the document you need with a click of a button?

We offer a Scan on Demand service at TipTop Media (you can read a bit more about it here https://www.tiptopmedia.co.uk/scanning) and know ourselves the difference that having a clearer office space and readily accessible documents can make. Ask your staff to come in wearing their casual clothes, order lunch to be delivered in, and you’ll give your staff a break from the February blues as well as getting a head start on the office spring clean.

Fix it Up

SMEs quite often don’t have maintenance staff that they can call on to fix those little problems that arise in the office on a daily basis. Like when a lightbulb blows but you don’t have any replacements in the office, or a printer has broken but you need to call the council to come and collect. Make a snagging list of every little job that needs to be done in your office, and use the extra day on February 29th to make that the day that everything is fixed.This could also include the secure shredding of any documents that are no longer required. Find out more here https://www.tiptopmedia.co.uk/recycling#confidential 

We hope you found our ideas interesting, we’d love to hear if you got up to anything interesting or if you just treated the Leap Day as a normal day. Apparently there are 238 signatories on a petition to make it a bank holiday!