With the UN Climate Summit in the news recently, it got us thinking about how environmentally friendly our office actually is. Yes, we may make sure that we recycle scrap paper and packaging and pile up our printer cartridges to be collected and reused, but just how green is our office? Are there ways we could be more conscious of the energy and consumables that we use? With this in mind, we had a good scour of the internet to see what it came up with. Clearly, there were the obvious tips (don’t print unless you need to, use both sides of the paper, make sure you turn your computers, monitors and other non-essential electrical equipment off overnight and so on) but there was also some more unusual advice which we’ve decided to share with you!

Check out your kitchen

I know, weird? But if you think about it, it’s a good place to start. Stop ordering plastic cups for the water cooler and buy glasses. Encourage people to re-use their morning coffee cup and check that the coffee you are buying is fair trade. Make sure you check what your local council will recycle. Can pods for the coffee machine be recycled? Empty sugar packets can often be recycled with general or food recycling (or better still, buy sugar cubes and put in a bowl), and make sure any packaging from lunches ordered in is appropriately recycled and not just thrown straight out (we’ve all done it…)

Look at your workspace

We all know that a well ventilated workspace with plenty of natural light improves employee productivity and satisfaction. Having good ventilation in place, along with good natural light, will clearly help you cut back on the use of any air conditioning units and artificial light. In the event that you do need to use artificial light (and who are we kidding, in Britain we definitely do!) then look at what bulbs you use and what you can replace them with. Incandescent bulbs can be replaced with compact fluorescents and there is now a wide range of LED bulbs to choose from, including for any desk lamps you may use. If you need to buy furniture, investigate new furniture made from recycled materials, along with how to recycle your old items.

Create a ‘Green Team’

Ok, so it seems a bit cheesy and corporate, but someone’s going to need to look after everything. Perhaps you have a junior team member chomping at the bit for more responsibility, who would be perfect for this role. Your Green Team can design signs to communicate the changes and initiatives to staff members, create a checklist to make sure new policies are being adhered to, and take care of tiny but important details like making sure there is a recycling bin in every workspace.

In the case of a greener office, it really is the small details that make the difference. So if you’re serious about making a difference and trying to become more environmentally friendly, give us a call on 020 3234 0090 or email bookings@tiptopmedia.co.uk and we can supply you with a paper or media recycling bin both of which have confidential locks to aid security.

So look at the little things you can change and start today!