If you’ve ever found yourself switching on the television for some background noise while you get on with other jobs, then it might surprise you to know that television has a significant environmental impact. We wrote a blog on this very topic for our June post, and were interested to see a similar article discussing it in this month’s Televisual Media, meaning that not only were we ahead of the game, but that the issue is still very topical. The infographic on our blog post is perhaps the most informative, but one fact that might get you thinking is that the entire ICT industry (which includes television) has the same environmental impact as the worldwide aviation industry.

Suddenly an hour of television doesn’t seem so innocent!

Seeing the Televisual article, and being reminded of our June blog post, got us thinking that rather than preaching to the converted on reasons to recycle, it might be interesting to see some more unusual reasons why we should recycle (and hopefully make washing up the ketchup bottle a bit more bearable!) So, did you know?

  • Making one aluminium drink can from scratch uses the same amount of energy as recycling 20
  • 75% of aluminium made is still in productive use today (good recycling work!)
  • All steel cans are 100% recyclable
  • So unsurprisingly, steel is the most recycled metal in the world
  • 25 recycled PET bottles can be used to make an adult’s fleece jacket
  • And, weirdly, one pair of jeans includes an average of 8 recycled plastic bottles (how?!)
  • A whopping six million electrical items are thrown away every year in the UK, approximately half of which are likely to still be working or easily repaired 
  • And every year an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE items (that’s waste electrical and electronic items) are thrown out by householders and companies in the UK

While we loved the jeans fact, on a serious note we found the last point quite concerning. We’re partnered with a fully licensed waste carrier registered with the Environment Agency to carry out recycling in accordance with WEEE directives. Items that we recycle include media tape & film, paper (including a procedure for secure confidential document shredding) and hard drives. We never send items to landfill. All the metal and plastic is separated and processed ready for re-introduction into UK manufacturing and any un-recyclable waste is used in solid fuels or even road aggregates.

Should you consider using us for your recycling needs, please get in touch via email or telephone.

We hope you enjoyed our most recent blog post!