Frequently Asked Questions

At TipTip Media we take your storage, scanning and recycling needs seriously, and you can trust us to provide a first-class service.

Many of the questions we are frequently asked are set out below but if there’s anything else you would like to know about our services please do get in touch.

Business & Media Storage

What can we store with you?

Most office and IT related equipment can be stored.

How will you store our items?

Our client’s documents, folders, box files and tapes are stored in archive boxes on racking within our climate-controlled warehouse. And if you find you need more space, just let us know.

How do you know where our items are?

Each of our clients has their own dedicated space where their boxes are kept. Make sure you keep a record of what is in each of your boxes so it’s quick and easy if you need to retrieve something.

How long can we store for?

The minimum storage period is 1 month.

Is there anything we can’t store?

Items that are illegal, inflammable or perishable.

We need a document back but it’s mixed with other confidential documents .

Unless authorised by you, we will not search through boxes. If sensitivity is an issue, you can choose to have the whole box returned. We value our customers and understand that trust is an important element of our business, so all of our staff are CRB checked. 

What size is an archive box and where can I buy them?

Standard sized archive boxes measure L430mm x W335mm x D290mm. You can buy these direct from us in packs of 10 or singly as well as packing tape and bubble wrap.

Do we need to number our documents/ tapes before you can store them?

Ideally yes, we would recommend you give each document a number or set of numbers to identify them easily if you need them returned to you.

What if we don’t have document/ tape numbers?

Not to worry. At TipTop we strive to make storage with us as straight forward as possible. We are experienced in devising systems which will suit both parties.

How do we recall a document / tape?

Either call or email providing us with the document/ tape number and the number of the box it is in. You can then come and collect the item or we can deliver it to your door.

What size spaces do you have for general storage?

25sqft, 50sqft, 100sqft and 200sqft and multiples of these spaces.

Do you collect?

Yes! The initial collection is usually chargeable unless otherwise agreed. On-going collections are usually free unless they require two people or the items cannot fit in our van.


What type of documents can you scan?

We can scan anything from a postage stamp up to a maximum size of A3 in colour or black and white.

What happens to the original once it’s scanned?

Once checked for accuracy we return everything to you. If you do not need to keep the documents any longer then we will securely shred them.

Is it easy to find a document once it has been scanned?

Yes! Just search for any word or phrase and a list containing those words/phrases will be shown leaving you to pick the document you need.


How do I know my documents have not just been sent to landfill?

We can supply customers with a certificate of destruction given confidence in the fact your documents have been recycled as instructed. We also have Green Mark accreditation.

How are our media tapes recycled?

All media is incinerated and the electricity generated is used to power the plant, as well as being fed to the national grid. Ash produced is used in road aggregate and any metal recovered is also reused.

How are our documents, folders and boxfiles recycled?

All paperwork is put through our industrial sized cross-cut shredder. Once complete the paper is then sent off to be baled, cleaned and made into new paper products.

How is confidential recycling different from general recycling?

Strict guidelines are applied when this service is requested. All documents are first shredded before being recycled.

Is this service open to anyone?

Yes! Both businesses and individuals can use our recycling service.

Still not sure or have more questions?