With the Brexit negotiations rumbling on, most small businesses are focusing on the everyday and looking at how to increase business in the most appropriate way for their industry. As a small business that offers storage space, recycling and document conversion, it clearly makes sense for us to focus on advertising our services to businesses within our local area (for us, this is within the M25). We recently made the decision to join a local Facebook group to find like-minded local companies and people and this month’s blog felt like a perfect opportunity to look at the key benefits of local businesses!

Creating jobs

Using a local business contributes directly to the employment levels in your local area which in turns makes it a desirable place to live. Despite the wide-ranging push of businesses towards automation and digitisation, many people prefer doing business with humans (have you ever felt pleased when you call a business only to have to listen to umpteen different automated options?) Using a local business with employees that live locally will mean that money is returned to your community, hopefully to enhance the area that you live in and bring more business to your own company.

Enhancing your local community

Many small businesses and organisations actively contribute to their local community. This could be through sponsorship of events for young people, giving back through charitable endeavours or supporting the marketing efforts of your local businesses, each of these will help to stimulate the local economy and drive business into your area, and your business.  On a grander scale, creating a successful local business network can help to impact government policies, share financial and marketing resources and support local initiatives.


Many large-scale corporations started out with a small but innovative idea. Often these types of businesses initially rely on their local market to test out the product and get their idea up and running. While they may turn into multi national behemoths (Coca Cola and Apple both spring to mind!) supporting this type of business at the beginning stage means your business, and you personally, can access potentially game changing material. And if they do turn into that multi national behemoth, the company will be providing jobs and paying taxes that will benefit all businesses, small and large.

Finding a great local business to support your own endeavours will bring benefits all round. The local Facebook group we are part of is Loving Local Enfield, so if you haven’t heard of it, come and take a look. Long term readers of our blog may remember our 2 part series on the pros and cons of doing business locally nearly three years ago; if you’re new to this blog or would like to re-read you can access them here: Part 1 (The Pros) and Part 2 (The Cons).