With the exit from the most recent lockdown proceeding as planned, many business owners and directors are thinking about how to safely bring their employees back into the office. Ensuring that your workplace is COVID19 secure is paramount, but what isn’t being mentioned throughout all this is the large amount of plastic and waste that is being generated. With the slogan ‘Build Back Better’ sometimes morphing into ‘Build Back Greener’ could an environmental review help your business with its eco credentials? 

While an environmental review might seem overly complicated, using the key points below will help to simplify the process. 

Get organised to ‘Build Back Greener’

As always, this is key and it is crucial for this review that a top level commitment is in place. Once this is there, look at your staff and decide who will be responsible for environmental reviews. Make sure to involve your full workforce in this process, asking them to look at their own jobs and identify potentially wasteful and environmentally harmful working practices. Ask for their suggestions about how the business overall can reduce its environmental impact and make it easy for them to report problems: for example, leaking taps or rusting storage bins. Schedule regular reviews when you assess your environmental performance and set new ‘build back greener’ goals. 

Review Energy Usage 

This has been discussed a lot over the years, but looking at when, where and what you use energy for is essential for the environment (and may also help with cost cutting!) Obvious waste to look for includes leaving electronic equipment on standby overnight and at the weekend, checking your thermostat to ensure it is at an appropriate level and using natural light and energy efficient lighting.  

Can Waste be reduced?

Look at the waste you produce, such as excess paper, printer cartridges and stationery. Would digitising or introducing a more efficient recycling process help to reduce this? When replacing computers and other electronic equipment, are you doing this responsibly through a WEEE certified company? We can help you with both of these services, just browse the info on our website and get in touch! 

Take action for a ‘greener’ workplace.

This is a very simple yet important part of the ‘build back greener’ process. Simple, quick opportunities can really make a difference. This could be as simple as using energy-efficient light bulbs or turning the thermostat down one degree. Introducing timers can make sure that no heating or lighting is left on overnight. If you do need to print something internally, keep a separate stack of once used paper and print on the reverse side.  

Throughout your review, setting objectives, measurable goals and deadlines will help you stay on track and offering training and motivation to your staff will further help your business achieve your ‘build back greener’ goals. 

For more information on our recycling and digitising services please check out the information on our website, email us on bookings@tiptopmedia.co.uk or give us a call on 020 3234 0090.

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