With the historic triggering of Article 50 and the beginning of Brexit negotiations, various articles appeared looking at how Brexit would affect the UK’s recycling industry. In a completely unrelated move, the week also saw the launch of the Samsung S8, and the combination of the two got us to thinking about the role of electricals in our life. The Samsung S8 is clearly an impressive phone, but has the rise and rise of smartphones and other electricals led us to become a more throwaway culture and if so, how can we rectify this?

The obvious answer is to ensure that we recycle electricals through a proper channel. It can be very tempting to throw batteries and other small electricals into your general waste collection but these contain chemicals which can leach from the landfill site into the surrounding soil and then water. Supermarkets very often offer recycling points for batteries, so a good tip is to save them in one place and then take them with you to pop in there. Where mobile phones are concerned, it has become normal to upgrade every two years, and in our experience, old phones tend to get shoved in a drawer ‘just in case’ and then promptly forgotten about. But did you know that up to 80% of a mobile phone is recyclable? Make sure that any sensitive data is removed and then decide where to donate them. Local charity shops will often take them regardless of whether or not they are working as they can get paid for passing onto refurbishing companies.

Bigger items can be more problematic, whether this is on an individual or personal level. Hard drives should be wiped completely to avoid any confidential information ending up in the wrong hands. While it may seem like an easy option to drop your old laptop or computer at your local tip for recycling, this could lead to identity theft and subsequent fraud. When it comes to business, the UK has strict data protection laws and firms must ensure that adequate care is taken with client data. If you are confident wiping a computer and destroying a hard drive then self disposal is a good option, however for most of us, the safest way to recycle this items is through a dedicated recycling company, preferably WEEE registered or working with a WEEE registered company. At TipTop Media, our recycling service offers you complete peace of mind, as not only do we collect and dispose of your old hard drives in an environmentally conscious manner but we also erase and shred the hard drive to ensure complete deletion of all data.

As electricals become more and more important in our lives, with more and more frequent upgrades, it is essential for our environment that we dispose of them consciously. If you need any assistance with disposing of old electronics, whether this is hard drives, media or documents, just drop us a line to see how we can help. https://www.tiptopmedia.co.uk/contact-us