We’re all feeling the pinch from the government’s extremity measures, and the country’s reduced output.  As part of your company’s annual review of resources, now is a good time to look at ways to accommodate a growing need for storage to free up valuable office space alongside balancing the books, at a time when rents and business rates are at their highest levels ever and still increasing. More and more businesses are switching to ways of storing offsite that are flexible, cost effective and efficient.

Switching has a number of benefits.

  1. It is flexible.  You don’t need to pay for a bigger space than is necessary in anticipation of securing those larger contracts that will boost your turnover, whilst at the same time trying to head off the need to relocate from a smaller office to a larger office when it does happen.  You only pay for the actual space you need right now, and can increase or decrease that amount of space if you like, whenever you want.  It is a flexible storage solution that can fit any budget or requirement.
  2. It is also cost effective.   As a business you don’t need to release a paid employee, send them out in the middle of the working day with a compass and diagrams from the person who collected the items last, in the hope that they can correctly put something back, and then the next time those items are needed, try to retrace your last steps.  You don’t need to pay the travel expenses, which, depending on the size of the item might mean the hire of a vehicle for a day to carry out two hours’ work.  One of our services provides you with free collections to meet this need.
  3. And above all, business storage is efficient.  No more waiting for others to come on shift so you can release one of your employees to set off into the wilderness to begin the search for those things you require that are being stored off site.  No more worrying if that employee has now been gone long enough for you to notify the police he/she’s officially a Missing Person.  Retrieving documents need no longer be planned around your staff.  Our business storage offers you a range of delivery options that can help you better plan your day.

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