We’re a few days into 2020, and a fresh new decade, but the last year is still very much on the forefront of everyone’s thinking. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the key talking points of 2019.


June saw the three year anniversary of the EU Referendum and resultant vote to leave the EU, but ongoing Parliamentary stalement and the dependence of the Conservatives on the DUP, saw Britain still negotiating their withdrawal agreement throughout 2019, and two firm dates set for the departure came and went. As it stands, the UK enters 2020 still a member of the EU, but could our next talking point change that?


It seems incredible, but the latter half of 2019 saw the UK go to the polls a whopping three times. With the Conservatives and Labour being trounced in both the local and EU elections thereby forcing Theresa May’s resignation, Boris Johnson emerged as the new leader and Parliamentary stalemate led to him calling the UK’s third General Election in four years. The rest, as they say, is history. While the merits of leaving/staying in the EU are still being debated, business leaders are increasingly united in the need to make a decision one way or another, so the UK looks to yet another date to leave the EU, 31st January 2020.

Digital Disruption

As the digital revolution continues with no break in its pace, businesses that fail to adapt are rapidly falling behind. 2019 saw some major high street names close their doors for the last time,while the rise of online shopping saw many others announce store closures. Yet the move online is not without its risks, as 2019 also saw a number of big names suffer data breaches, with confidential data such as credit card details and addresses being exposed online.

The 2019 Budget

When it came to the Annual Budget, 2019 was the year that wasn’t, as it became the first year since 1923 to not have a Budget. With many businesses struggling with the cost of business rates, could this delay lead to the new Government taking this into consideration and reforming the archaic structuring? Only time will tell.

We hope you enjoyed our brief summary of 2019, if you have any key points you felt we missed, we’d love to hear in the comments below.

A very Happy New Year to all our clients and readers!!    

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