We’d first of all like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients and readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! We’re looking forward to sharing some more great blog posts with you in 2018!

If you’ve been following us on any of our social media channels you’ll have seen that we spent December cherry picking our favourite blog posts from the last year. Cyber Security was a much discussed topic in 2017, with major breaches hitting the headlines on a regular basis, whether this was a government agency, tech organisation or payday loan company, every attack exposed sensitive data rendering customers vulnerable to further attacks. This article over on ZDNet lists their considered most serious attacks of 2017 and two of our top blog posts from the past year reflect the prevalence of Cyber Security in today’s business world; helping your business stay protected and ways to protect sensitive data. As we predicted at the end of 2016, Cyber Security would be a hot topic in 2017 and it seems this will continue into 2018, so you can expect to see more from us on this topic in the coming year.

A big achievement for us in the last year was becoming ISO 27001 certified. For any of you out there who have gained an ISO certification, or even considered one, you’ll know how arduous a task it can be. However, we really felt that this particular certification would benefit our business, as it sets the international standard for information security management systems and reiterates for our current and future clients that we follow best practices in this area. You can read more about the process we went through here and we’d like to once again thank everyone who took part in the process for their hard work!

One major topic for all businesses in 2018 will be the implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation, scheduled for 25th May 2018. With non compliant businesses looking at fines of up to £20,000, making sure that your business is ready for this new legislation is essential. We put out two posts on this topic in 2017, our top pick and the one we linked to on social media was our initial post outlining what a business needed to do to get started, but in October we combined two of our favourite topics, GDPR and Cyber Security which looked at how the new regulations could further protect a business’s information online.

Now, the eagle eyed of you out there will have noticed that there is one big topic we haven’t yet mentioned, that of Brexit. Regardless of whether you are a Remainer, a Brexiteer or hovering somewhere in the middle, it can’t be denied that Brexit will impact on the business community. We tried to take an impartial look at Brexit with two posts in 2017, one that followed up on a previous post on Business Confidence and Brexit (Part One here and Part Two here) and one that took a different optimistic look at how Brexit could have a positive impact on UK recycling. With Brexit negotiations rumbling on, we can be sure this is a topic we’ll revisit in 2018.

We hope you enjoy reading our monthly blog as much as we enjoy writing it. Don’t forget we’re social too, with monthly updates on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and weekly tweets. Come and find us in 2018!