Position: MD

How Long: 14 yrs

Interesting Facts: Monster bungie jumped at Chelsea harbour.

Hobbies: Gardening, DIY, Badminton, Rum drinking, Eating, Movies.

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Position: Accountant

How Long: 1 yrs

Interesting Facts: Played Ray Reardon at snooker in an exhibition match. 

Hobbies: Badminton, Pool, Swimming, Athletics, Football. 



Position: Senior Librarian

How Long: 7 yrs

Interesting Facts: Won £100 on the national lottery "hip hip hooray".

Hobbies: Chilling, Gaming, Music, Eating, Movies, Computers.



Position: Librarian

How Long: 2 mths

Interesting Facts:


Hobbies: Fixing classic cars, Driving, Camping, Fishing, Music, Partying.  

We've been in the storage industry since 1991 and today we're the broadcast industry's number one choice for film and tape storage. We provide media storagebusiness storage, scanning as well as recycling services for organisations in London.

Being located just 35 minutes from the W1 area means we're easily accessible for customers located in the city. It also means that we can collect and deliver items and respond to urgent requests in a timely manner.

We work hard to provide an outstanding service. Part of being outstanding is being cost-effective and at TipTop our rates are extremely competitive. Space comes at a premium in the capital, so it's easy to see why so many businesses choose to store their non-essential items to free up valuable workspace.